Friday, March 4, 2011

Hiking in Hobblecreek Canyon

Priyas hike started off with a bit of worry about dirt and bugs.
Luckily that soon wore off and as you can see she got into all of it....

Fire Works

Our 24th of July ended perfectly eating cinnamon rolls on the trampoline while watching the fireworks.

Oh and the delicious french dip sandwiches Matt made for dinner, yum yum! Those hit the spot after all the swimming.

Aunt Robyn and Priya

Priya ended up having a great time with her Aunt Robyn.

She was so cute, counting each time she would run into the water.

I am happy to see we have a little fish because the water is where I love to be also. I took Priya to the Rec Center swimming pool a few weeks ago. She lasted an hour longer then any of the other kids and only got out because it was time for dinner, she was so sad to go. I am looking forward to lots of swimming with her this summer.

Spanish Fork Reservoir

Mauck Net was the perfect place to snuggle and warm up since there was no getting mom out of the water.

This is looking so nice as I am sitting here in March ready for winter to end.
I am ready for some warm sunshine! The reservoir was so fun last summer. The 24th of July was the first time we went and we ended up going back several times during the summer.

Check Spelling
Check out Priya's face in this picture, I love it!

Snow cones and Cotton Candy

Cotton candy
, and snow cones.
these were two firsts for Priya that she enjoyed very much.
This was during the Mapleton City carnival on the morning of the 24th of July.

Uncle Nate

Priya takes awhile to warm up to her Uncles, whatever her test is Uncle Nate has past it.
She loves her Uncle Nate and talks about him often. He is in Washington DC right now until April and we all are missing him.

I couldn't pick between these pictures so I put them all in.

Last 24th of July Robyn and Nate came down to our house for the weekend. We had a lot of fun having them over, more of what we did in the next few posts.

Priya and Eli

This is Priya's friend Eli Baker. Priya is always so excited when we get to play with Eli, and now Ivy to, Eli's little sister. On this evening last summer we went to Slab Pizza in Provo with the Bakers and then walked down to the duck pond at BYU.

I don't know why everything is underlined?